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Credit: Sesame Street

Watch as Dave Grohl takes to Sesame Street to perform the 'Here We Go Song'

The enigmatic frontman of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl will be taking to Sesame Street to perform a wholesome version of ‘Here We Go Song’. The singer will feature as part of the iconic show’s 50th season.

Forget Foo Fighters, forget Nirvana – Dave Grohl has found a new band, this time matching up with Elmo and Big Bird to complete a sensational line-up. The singer recorded a track with the puppets and images soon surfaced online courtesy of the puppeteers.

This year will see the 50th series of the iconic children’s show and as a teaser, I’m assuming for all the adults, the show has now shared the song in full. It sees Grohl performing ‘Here We Go Song’ after a stellar introduction from the empirical Elmo. “Oh, hi everybody. This is our friend Mr Dave Grohl,” says the iconic character.

Smiling from ear to ear a clearly enamoured Grohl replies “Hi, it’s nice to come here and be with my friends Big Bird and Elmo. You know, I was just thinking: there’s friends everywhere, even the ones that you don’t know.”

The new supergroup, with Grohl, Big Bird and Elmo, then perform ‘Here We Go Song’. “All across America, whoa,” as they travel across America. “From my street to your street, whoa.”

You can watch the video of Grohl performing on Sesame Street below.