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(Credit: Andreas Lawen)


Dave Grohl reveals childhood curved spine diagnosis


Throughout his recently released memoir, The Storyteller, Dave Grohl went through some of his most gruesome childhood injuries with the kind of frivolous glee that only comes with surviving a hundred trips to the ER. The most stomach-churning anecdote involves an errant golf swing connecting with the back of his adolescent head, but stories of rolled ankles, broken bones, and and endless amount of stitches occasionally turn the book into a tough read if you’ve just had lunch.

But one of the more serious revelations that came from the book was Grohl’s diagnosis of a curved spine when he was a kid. Grohl recently elaborated on the condition in a quote from The Sun‘s Bizarre column, stating: “I’ve always felt like a bit of an alien, which obviously I learned to embrace over time. When diagnosed with a crooked spine at the age of seven, I had to begin wearing a small lift on my left shoe to slowly correct the problem”.

He adds: “I felt a sense of shame at first as I wasn’t allowed to wear the cool sneakers other kids wore, but that later became a sort of empowerment. I was different and I liked it. I didn’t want to be like the other kids, as crooked as I was. I liked the feeling of being strange. I still do”.

Grohl’s constant trips to the ER, mostly unrelated to the spinal condition, were never traumatic. In fact, Grohl comically recalls how he became the equivalent of Norm from Cheers at his local hospital, with all the personnel shouting “David!” when he entered with yet another injury. Instead, he explained how the golf club incident made him empathetic to the sense of panic his mother felt.

“The image of my poor mother’s face as she rounded the corner to find her youngest child standing in the doorstep covered in his own blood will forever be burned in my memory,” Grohl shares in The Storyteller. “Though I felt no pain, I felt hers”.

“Of all my brushes with grievous bodily harm, I never felt physical pain in any of those moments,” Grohl explains. “Call it a defence mechanism, call it a neurological shutoff, call it what you like, but I can only imagine I learned it from the sacrifices my mother made to raise two happy children, no matter what pain she may have endured”.

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