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Darlia - Choke on Bones

So what more can we say on this band of Blackpool blighters? They are as snotty and sardonic as their name suggests (which always take me back to the late Nineties MTV show Daria). This, their new track following the swerving, cutting sound of Queen of Hearts Darlia bring the choppy grunge of Choke on Bones, our Track of The Day.

Starting with pranged out bass that then subsides for crashing symbols, which in turn, makes way for the kind of menacing riffs that made Cobain reach for the gun, realising he was too heavy for this world, Choke on Bones is as confrontational as the title declares it. Now, I’m not suggesting a sacred suicide for these boys though, we enjoy their head banging, shameless squalour far too much.

As filthy as the STD laden promenade the band walked as kids and as brash and tooth rotting as the Blackpool rock they crunched, Choke on Bones is as much a spit in the face as it is a kick in the shins, bruising, insulting and intimidating with a churlish, cheeky grin – we love it.

The early Nineties Grunge influence is as obvious in Choke on Bones as the plaid shirts the band will doubtless be wearing playing it, but their back alley rawness brushes away any thought of a cliche. Their is an acute sense of awareness from Darlia and an acceptance of their own influences but more important than that, is the band’s ownership of them.

Darlia will be bored of the Nirvana references by now, endlessly being referred to as the ‘new Nirvana’. But if they keep on producing such angst filled riffs, heavy drums, thundering rhythm and sarcastic, sneering lyrics they will continue to be compared to one of the greatest bands of a generation. If i was Darlia, I wouldn’t be too bothered.

Jack Whatley