(Credit: Darkside / Press)


Darkside share new song 'The Limit'


Darkside, the American electronica duo of Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington, have shed some more light on their second LP, Spiral, with the new track ‘The Limit’.

Darkside released their first album, Psychic, all the way back in 2013. That was the same year that the duo ambitiously remixed the entity of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory, turning the bright and shiny disco of the original into a downtempo, eerily ambient and skeletal version of party music. It was the clearest distillation of the duo’s ethos: dance music, but creepier and more ethereal.

‘The Limit’ is no exception. While the track has a clearly defined hook, it’s the soundscapes that Jaar and Harrington have built up around those hooks that stick in your mind. The duo’s best music works as escape music, even if the place you’re escaping to is damp and scary. The slick funk hits you immediately, but the ambient noises of static and feedback keep the atmosphere dark.

According to the duo, Darkside works as an escape for them as well. “From the beginning, Darkside has been our jam band. Something we did on days off,” Jaar explained in a press release for the song. “When we reconvened, it was because we really couldn’t wait to jam together again.”

“It felt like it was time again,” Harrington continued. “We do things in this band that we would never do on our own. Darkside is the third being in the room that just kind of occurs when we make music together.”

The market for pitch-black experimental electronica isn’t solely the domain of Richard James: the boys in Darkside are plugging into those same sounds and producing more contemporary work. After all, it’s been years since Aphex Twin’s latest release, so there has to be someone creating glitchy, disconcertingly brilliant techno-pop.

Check out the audio for ‘The Limit’ down below.