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(Credit: Aphex Twin)


Aphex Twin shares six new songs through his secret SoundCloud


Aphex Twin (aka Richard D. James) is an elusive figure who always acts in an ambiguous fashion. With that in mind, it should come as little surprise that his method of releasing his latest drop of new material is certainly as mysterious as you’d come to expect from the Irishman.

A newly active SoundCloud account has been linked to the DJ under the name of user18081971 has recently appeared which is widely believed to belong to Aphex Twin, according to Resident Advisor. In the last week, the account has uploaded six new tracks: ‘m11st lon’, ‘prememory100N pt2’, ‘tha2’, ‘s8v1 [brooklyn]’, ‘Tha2 [world scam mix]’ and ‘qu 1’. Hear all six entries below.

The SoundCloud account supposedly belonging to Aphex Twin first caught people’s eye in 2015. Some entries, like ‘Cheetah3 Teac’ and ‘CHEETAHT7’ appeared on his 2016 Cheetah EP. In a now-deleted note on the bio of the account, believed to be from James, he recently mourned the loss of his father, stating: “When you are presented with C19 statistics, you must demand whether the figures reflect people who have died WITH C19 or FROM C19. Please do not forget this.”

He continues: “When police carry out wishes from government, without any law being in place, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy. When you are held under house arrest, when no crime has been committed, you are living in a police state and it is no longer a democracy. You didn’t think this could happen did you? Do you know what rights you could lose next, can you guess? You have been warned.”

Check out the new music, below.