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(Credit: Mingle Media)


Danny Masterson rape accusers demand court trial over Scientology arbitration


Renowned actor Danny Masterson known for starring in That ‘70s Show was accused of further rape allegations in the spring of this year, now, the alleged victim is demanding that the case goes to a court trial as opposed to a Scientology arbitration. 

On Tuesday, an attorney for the accuser argued that they should not have to take civil claims to a religious arbitration run by the Church of Scientology. They claimed that the case should be dealt with in a civil court. 

However, last December, a Los Angeles judge first referred the lawsuit over to Scientology arbitration owing to a document that both plaintiffs had signed decades earlier when they first joined the religion. 

Since then, the woman accusing Masterson of rape has left the church, thus her attorney has argued that the previous documentation is now null and void and the case should be upheld in a civil court. 

Attorney Marci Hamilton stated: “This would be traumatizing for my clients. It would violate their First Amendment, absolute right to believe and practice whatever religion they choose and to escape the religion they do not want to be a part of.”

Later arguing that the “position of respondents is that you can’t leave a faith,” after they motioned that church was a covenant and had legal practices in place to deal with such matters. 

Further ruling on the matter are expected to be reached in the coming days and weeks.