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(Credit: Dance Gavin Dance)


Dance Gavin Dance lead tributes to bassist Tim Feerick

Dance Gavin Dance bassist Tim Feerick has died. His bandmates announced his death to the world at large, stating that they were “devastated” to say that their colleague had passed away.

The band released the statement on April 14th, although they said that the musician had passed away a week earlier. No cause of death can be confirmed at this moment in time, and details of Feerick’s life are sketchy. The Sacramento Bee reported that the bassist died at 34, but we can neither confirm nor deny that at this particular juncture in time.

What we can confirm is that Dance Gavin Dance will report on Swanfest – the band’s own boutique festival, which is set to take place on April 23rd in Sacramento – when they have a definitive answer on the situation.

“I love you, Tim. I regret not telling you more often,” Dance Gavin Dance singer Tilian Pearson wrote in his own post. “Your life brought me so much humor and joy. You made an impact on those around you, and your musical legacy will live on beyond any of us.”

Feerick joined Dance Gavin Dance in 2009, in time for the band’s third album. Feerick joined the band on a full-time basis in 2012 and made his mark on the band’s Acceptance Speech in 2013. He contributed to the four albums that came after the album and also recorded material for their untitled tenth album. Feerick toured with Wolf & Bear in 2016, replacing Nathaniel Duarte in the process.

Wolf & Bear likened the bass player to a “brother”, expressing their sympathies to the family who have to bury the man, the musician, the magistrate and the myth. Wolf & Bear hopes he can “rest in power.” Writing on his Instagram, Wolf & Bear guitarist Louie Baltazar said it was an “honour” to perform beside such a strong force of nature.

Dance Gavin Dance drummer Matt Mingus considered Feerick a friend and “the best bass player” he could have shared a stage and studio with. More to report on Dance Gavin Dance’s touring plans when we hear it.

See the statement below.