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Dama Scout share new single ‘Pineapple Eyes’

Dama Scout - ‘Pineapple Eyes’

London/Glasgow alt-art-rock trio Dama Scout have returned with a fresh taster of their long-awaited debut album, gen wo lai (come with me), ahead of its April 22nd release on Hand In Hive.

The new track from the upcoming album is entitled ‘Pineapple Eyes’. The song comes as a psychedelic and orchestral umber that roots itself in the moment you wake from a dream and witness the hectic, chaotic mess of reality.

In a statement about the new track, the band wrote: “‘Pineapple Eyes’ is a much loved bisected finger food piled high on a platter of disappointment. Full-bodied and finely balanced, sweet and umami notes give way to a full-frontal sourness”.

‘Pineapple Eyes’ is accompanied by a video – created, as with all of the music videos for gen wo lai singles, by the band themselves – that leans into the absorbing visual world of the album.

Gen wo lai (come with me) follows Dama Scout’s self-titled EP which was released in 2017. After five years, the group have reassembled to release an album that has been an entirely internal project with all of the material written, recorded, mixed and produced by the band themselves.

Vocalist and guitarist Eva Liu explained that the lyrics on the album are mainly inspired by her experience growing up in the UK after her parents moved from Hong Kong, “The British part of me was confused by it because kids at school would always make fun of my packed lunches or stuff in my fridge. But then I gradually decided to take ownership of who I am, not being embarrassed about it and not resenting my family for it.”

Dama Scout’s debut album gen wo lai (come with me) will land via Hand In Hive on April 22nd, and is available to pre-order now. Stream ‘Pineapple Eyes’ below.