(Credit: Fabio Venni)


Daft Punk release anniversary edition of ‘Tron: Legacy’ on vinyl


Daft Punk are set to release a bumper edition of their Tron: Legacy soundtrack on vinyl to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the seminal record.

The score received critical acclaim and enamoured fans to the cult Tron franchise, scoring a Grammy nomination for the electronic French duo back in 2010. 

Last year, however, the band sadly parted ways after 28 years together. In the interim, they have since released a Target-exclusive vinyl edition of the soundtrack that has pushed the duo back to the top of the American Dance/Electronic charts for the first time since their breakup last summer. 

The limited-edition vinyl features two LPs on transparent blue and clear vinyl befitting of the futuristic aesthetic of the movie itself. Released via Disney Music Group, the rapid uptake of the record has proved somewhat of a surprise given the lack of publicity.

This is, in part, indicative of the current boom in vinyl sales, with all things ‘limited’ usually guaranteed to be snapped up in a hurry. For instance, in the UK, vinyl sales reached a 30-years high in 2021, and it is a trend that looks set to continue.

Sadly, despite the success of the reissue, there are clearly no plans for Daft Punk to reform. However, there is no doubt that their legacy still remains strong.