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Crystal Stilts - Sticks & Stones


Did you manage to catch Crystal Stilts last month when they returned to the UK to play a few shows?

Well, if you didn’t then fear not, we have some minor conciliation in that fact you can download their latest offering ‘Sticks & Stones’ online, free.

Formed in 2003 in New York City by Brad Hargett and JB Townsend, Crystal Stilts have released their latest full-length record ‘Nature Noir’ via Sacred Bones Records.  It’s clear the band are still honing in on their various affinities, merging different pools of the past, bridging and expanding their intensive tastes in Soul, Folk, Psych, Country, Proto-punk and onward, it’s apparent that their new formulary is more subtle and fully realised than ever albeit with lyrical themes probing the dark connections between the individual and it’s environment.