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(Credit: Konstantinos Hasandras)


You can now have the cremated ashes of your loved ones pressed into a playable vinyl record


A vinyl pressing company has found a gap in the market by offering people the chance to have a loved one’s ashes pressed into a playable vinyl record.

Jason Leach, the founder of the company ‘And Vinyly’, decided to take his love for vinyl to the next level following tales of calamitous scattering ceremonies which included his grandfather’s failed attempt to release some ashes at sea. “I’ve heard stories about my father trying to scatter his grandfather’s ashes from a boat,” Leach told Bloomberg. “It went terribly wrong, and they ended up sweeping him off the deck.” 

The business idea, however, was one that Leach didn’t take too seriously upon its formation. “I didn’t expect much from it,” Leach added in the Bloomberg interview. “It was just for fun.”

However, word began to spread and formal requests began to flood in. The audio chosen for the record is left open to the customer’s request. The ‘basic package’, which costs about £3000 all in, gets you 30 copies of the memorial record, all of which contains some of the ashes which have been provided.

If you want to take your package up a few notches, you can pay extra for National Portrait Gallery artist James Hague who will provide a personal portrait cover at £3500.

In a video provided by the company to detail the process, a man explains how he has opted to use the service for his mother’s ashes: “I’m sure a lot of people think that it’s creepy, a lot of people think it’s sacrilegious,” he says. “But I know my mother wouldn’t have. She would’ve thought it was a hoot.”

“Sound is vibrating you, the room, and it’s actually moving the air around you,” he adds. “And that’s what’s so powerful about hearing someone’s voice on a record. They’re actually moving the air and for me that’s powerful.”

See the video below and visit the official website, here.