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The crazy way Robert Pattinson dealt with an obsessed fan

Since announcing himself as a teen heartthrob in the Twilight Saga, bowing to teenage hysteria that only The Beatles can attest to have enjoyed, Robert Pattinson has become used to dealing with obsessive fans. The actor is now experienced enough to come up with ingenious ways to fend them off, but that’s not always been the case.

Having a stalker is a serious matter, and fellow celebrities are not advised to follow Pattinson’s potentially dangerous advice. Fortunately for the Tenet actor, his fan wasn’t dangerous or disturbing; in fact, they weren’t really anything to be worried about. It became apparent that it was Pattinson who was the menace.

In 2008, Pattinson was still relatively new to the fame game and not quite as seasoned as he is nowadays. The star was 22 years old when he portrayed a young Salvador Dali in Little Ashes, which chronicles how the artist’s friendship with Federico García Lorca spirals into a love affair.

It was an intense project for Pattinson to take on, and to make things worse, he also didn’t know anybody in the area, which made it a lonely time for him. Although he was a Hollywood superstar, once he finished a long day on the set of the low-budget flick, it was an empty apartment which awaited him.

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Throughout filming, Pattinson became increasingly lonely and extremely tired of his own company. Things got so bad that he even decided to visit a female fan who had patiently waited outside his residence for several weeks. Despite the potential security hazard, Pattinson took her out for dinner and didn’t think about the risk. 

In 2009, the Twilight star recounted the incident to Crème Magazine: “I had a stalker while filming a movie in Spain last year. She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks — all day, every day. I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her.”

Unsurprisingly, there was no second date. It wasn’t down to Pattinson being freaked out by the fan, however. Instead, he treated the dinner like a therapy session, and she never returned to his apartment again. He continued: “I just complained about everything in my life, and she never came back. People get bored of me in, like, two minutes.”

The version of Pattinson that the fan had dreamt up in her head was staggeringly different to the lonely soul who took her out for dinner and looked like he had the weight of the world resting on his shoulders.

Pattinson came out the victor thanks because the dinner allowed him to moan for an evening and get his problems off his chest. On the other hand, the fan likely questioned why she wasted weeks of her life in a car park for such an underwhelming encounter.