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Watch rare footage of a pre-fame Courtney Love fronting Faith No More in 1984


Courtney Love is well known for being the face of Hole but, five years before they were even formed, she actually spent six months fronting Faith No More in 1984, a time when she was just a 20-years-old.

According to Billy Gould, one of the founding members of Faith No More, Love was very “extroverted” and he claimed she had no problem getting confrontational with the band’s fans during live gigs. That said, the aforementioned characteristics didn’t make Faith No More’s fanbase fall in love with Courtney, according to the bassist, who said people hated her. However, the group didn’t share that opinion and let that some anger coming from the fans leak into their music which led to a more aggressive sound.

“We really wanted to be aggressive, make ambient music that was totally aggressive. This girl Courtney came along, and she saw us play and made the huge pitch about knowing what we wanted and being able to do it,” Gould said. “She stayed for about three or four shows, and she was good because she was annoying as hell and really aggressive.”

Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum, who also dated Love for a brief time in the 1980s, added: “She sang with us for probably six months. She was an awesome performer; she liked to sing in her nightgown, adorned with flowers. We were switching around singers a whole lot at that point, but she was really good.”

He continued: “She did a lot of screaming stuff, and we had a lot of slow melody stuff too. When she sang with us, she was punk rock: now she says she’s always been punk rock, which is not true at all. After she left our band (Faith No More) she was totally into—I mean, with a sense of humour, but really hardcore pop sorta stuff. We all were at that point. I mean, we used to do a cover version of Van Halen’s ‘Jump’.”

Love was later replaced by San Francisco-based musician Paula Frazer who joined the band for what is said to be a total of two shows and, eventually, he was then replaced by Chuck Mosley who stayed until 1988 before he was fired following a string of incidents involving booze and bare-knuckle brawls.

Check out the footage below of Love fronting Faith No More and let us know your thoughts.