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Courtney Barnett Stuns in A Take Away Show

Barnett’s romanticising of otherwise melodramatic mundanity sets her apart from her peers. She marks herself out as a name for the future with her heart and her eye and no more so is this seen than in the heart-wrenching ‘Depreston‘.

Taken from the acclaimed Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit it protrudes from the rest of the album for its touching sentiment and musical melancholy. This is brilliantly displayed in the always entertaining La Blogotheque ‘A Take Away Show’.

Where in the midst of a gorgeous city, sung by a gorgeous voice and peered at from soulful eyes the song rings louder than ever before and makes the socially retardation of Preston seem even more remote. It’s a beautiful combination of song and setting, it really took our breath away.