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Courtney Barnett - Depreston


A simple song sung so beautifully with incredibly relevant yet poetically poignant lyrics are what Courtney Barnett is known for. Well her latest release for forthcoming Sometimes I Sit and Think, Sometimes I Just Sit follows that tradition. ‘Depreston’ is our Track of the Day.

The message is fairly plain, the song centres around moving to a new home in Preston and realising how depressing that task actually is. The lines run like a Philip Larkin poem. Equal parts mundane and romantic.

As we meander through the ins and outs of the decor of the house and the crumbling memories which it holds gives way to the idea of rebuilding and developing on what is essentially a humdrum town/world.

The guitar glides along the track only desisting for Barnett‘s apathetic delivery which sparks the images seen in the video which accompanies it. We are subjected to the banality of modern life in a small town as we move past lawn after lawn after boring lawn.

The track though is as beautiful and runs parallel to the lives of Barnett’s many fans. It strikes comparisons with every poet laureate in the world and only makes us more excited for the forthcoming album.

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Jack Whatley