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(Credit: Mia Mala McDonald)


Watch Courtney Barnett perform 'Rae Street' on Fallon

Courtney Barnett was the musical guest on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The Australian artist performed ‘Rae Street’, the first single from her upcoming album Things Take Time, Take Time. The album is scheduled to arrive on November 12 via Mom+Pop Music/Marathon Artists.

Barnett has also recently released the single ‘Before You Gotta Go‘. Things Take Time, Take Time is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Tell Me How You Really Feel. The Vinyl Factory called the album “a finely-woven collage of snapshots” and said it “dives into Barnett’s own psyche to explore love, renewal, healing and self-discovering”.

Fitting the Vinyl Factory’s description ‘Rae Street’, features Barnett at the most languid and amiable than we’ve seen her in recent years. A hazy, observational track, it is not hard to hear that the album was written in her friend’s empty Melbourne apartment during a lockdown. Listening to ‘Rae Street’ is like walking down a Melbourne street on a relaxing Sunday, with no particular plans or pressure. Stopping for a coffee, grabbing a sandwich, kicking it and thinking about life. 

For anyone familiar with Barnett, you’d know that this is her bread and butter (pardon the pun). One of the most perceptive songwriters out there, she has a keen eye for spotting some of life’s most tacit elements, and of course, she is a brilliant lyricist. The song’s chorus, “Time is money, and money is no man’s friend”, is a stellar example of this point.

Her performance on Fallon serves to show that Barnett is one of the finest songwriters of a generation, not far off a modern-day Joni. Barnett and the band play a warm, crisp version of the single. 

Watch the performance, below.