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Courtney Barnett shares new track 'Before You Gotta Go'

Courtney Barnett - 'Before You Gotta Go'

Courtney Barnett has shared her delicate new track, ‘Before You Go’, and announced details of her forthcoming album.

The Australian singer’s third album, Things Take Time, Take Time, arrives on November 12th and is Barnett’s first full body of work since 2018’s triumphant Tell Me How You Really Feel. A lot has changed with the world since we last caught up with her, and a new album from Barnett is a much-welcomed gift.

She made her return last month with ‘Rae Street’, and, now, ‘Before You Go’ has come alongside the highly-anticipated album announcement. The new track is full of warmth and sees Barnett express her abiding love in the wake of a hostile argument after the tears have dried.

“Sometimes I try to say everything in one song, or put my whole belief system into a vox pop, but you just can’t do that — it’s impossible,” Barnett says about the song.

It’s an emotionally rich and arresting track that catches Barnett in a moment of realisation as she apologises for her previous behaviour. The authentic energy she pours into ‘Before You Go’ makes you believe every word that falls from Barnett’s mouth. It adds a heartbreaking realness to the track.

She apologetically sings during the first verse, “We got angry, Said some careless things, Who was wrong remains unclear, Pride like poison, Always keeping score, You don’t have to slam the door.”

Courtney Barnett is as consistent as the night sky, and she never fails to produce moving music that has sincerity at the heart of it. ‘Before You Go’ is no different, and the latest album from Barnett has all the hallmarks of an album of the year contender.