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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Corey Taylor opens up about when he might quit Slipknot

Corey Taylor the uncompromising frontman of Slipknot, has been discussing his future role in the band.

The singer, who is preparing to release CMFT, his first solo album on October 2, has been reflecting on his life within music after previously confirming that Stone Sour, his other band, is on “indefinite hiatus” by explaining the outfit has “kinda run its course for now”.

Given his first step into the world of solo music, gossip about the future of Slipknot, a band Taylor has fronted since 1997, have started to circulate. Asked if he had contemplated leaving, the singer replied: “That’s a good question,” he said in a recent interview with SiriusXM. “The honest answer is – I don’t know. And honestly, it’s because I really try to keep myself healthy, I try to keep myself clean.

“I’m still as into extreme music as I’ve always been. That’s just a side of me that I’ve always been into. It’s never hard enough, it’s never crazy enough. And sometimes the band has to calm me down when it comes to the stuff that I write. The second that I’m doing this for reasons other than my absolute passion for doing it – as soon as that changes, that’s when I’ll know.”

He continued: “And that’s honestly why I’ve always followed my passions and followed my interests, and I’ve never allowed myself to do anything for money, for a cheap pop, cheap fame… I’ve never done any of that. I’m not gonna say I’m proud of it because that’s just who I am. But needless to say, if I get to the age where that choice makes more and more sense, I think there’s a part of me that will absolutely rein myself in and be like, ‘No. No, this isn’t who you are. This isn’t what you wanna do. You need to walk.’”

Adding: “I think at that point, I’ll have accomplished enough that I’ll be okay with it. It won’t mean that I’ll stop making music. It just means I’ll stop making a certain type of music. For me, I think I’ll have the honesty to know and hopefully, the courage to do it – because sometimes it’s scary.”