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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Corey Taylor's favourite Slipknot song


Slipknot are one of the highest-selling bands of the 21st Century, a group that has managed to capture the imagination of millions who were lured in by their mysterious image, a factor which is often the first thing that comes to mind to the group rather than their music.

Admittedly, the American metal group are not the most prolific bunch and, throughout their long career, have only released the six records in total. Instead, Slipknot have opted for a quality over quantity approach which it’s safe to say has paid off handsomely. Their eponymous debut album, released in 1999, has gone on to become one of the most definitive metal albums of all time.

Despite only reaching number 51 in the Billboard charts, the record by Corey Taylor and co. went on to become certified double platinum in the United States and the band’s highest-selling record despite the chart-topping album’s that would come years later. The record holds a special place in Taylor’s heart as it helped kickstart this wild journey that he found himself on and still stands the test of time so many years on.

In fact, one song featured on the album specifically is even Taylor’s favourite song ever by Slipknot — with him not falling in love with a song as much as he did with ‘Scissors’, which he eulogised about to Knotfest earlier this year to celebrate the album turning 21.

“My favourite by far is ‘Scissors’. To this day it’s my favourite Slipknot song. I love it because every time we would play it, the whole second half was improvised. We played at each other, free form, free prose, everything. It was violent and gorgeous,” Taylor proudly stated.

“Nothing will ever replace it for me – when we stopped playing it live, I had a hard time enjoying our sets for a very long time,” he then admitted honestly.

Former drummer Chris Fehn who played with the group for over twenty years from 1998 until 2019 was in conversation with Songfacts and also name-checked ‘Scissors’ when asked what track he is most proud of from his tenure in the band. “The song ‘Scissors’ off of the first record is sick, man. It’s just so incredibly nightmarish and such an awesome song to play live,” Fehn noted.

Watch this incredible live performance by Slipknot performing it in all of its glory at Rock Im Park twenty years ago, it is quite the spectacle.