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(Credit: Warner Bros / TIFF)

Controversial question sees Joaquin Phoenix walk out of 'Joker' interview

With the new Joker film release date looming, Joaquin Phoenix is having to be the main feature at press junkets. At such a scene recently Joaquin Phoenix found himself so taken aback by a question that he had to leave the room.

The new origin story for the Batman villain Joker comes to cinemas on October 4th. With the film’s arrival will come a new, deeper scrutiny on the film. With the film focusing on Batman’s nemesis’ origin, it reveal how Joker used violence to punctuate his points of isolation.

When speaking to The Telegraph to promote the film, Phoenix was asked if he thought the film Joker “might perversely end up inspiring exactly the kind of people it’s about, with potentially tragic results?”

It was apparently a question Joaquin was not ready to answer right away. As, a little shocked, he left the room to consult with his Warner Bros PR team before returning with a vetted response.

Read an excerpt from our 5/5 review of Joker:

From the first moment of Joker, it’s clear that this is no ordinary comic book based movie. A super-villain origin story, it’s drawn from the familiar DC Comics villain of the Batman series, and is, just barely, consistent with that character, or with facets of the character’s various movie incarnations — just enough so to make him recognisable and not an entirely new fictional villain borrowing the name of The Joker.

It is, however, an original take on the character, much of it light-years from the DC comic. The story itself is so dark, so morbid, so intensely tragic, and the character so damaged and twisted, that the points of contact with the original comic book villain, and the references to the comic book universe, are not so much familiar as jarring. The earlier versions come across as almost innocent in contrast. The maniacal Joker of the original Batman series, and even the grotesquely evil Heath Ledger version in The Dark Knight, seem tame beside Joaquin Phoenix’s brilliantly eccentric, many-layered performance as the man who would become the Joker.