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(Credit: YouTube)


Coldplay release rare and previously unseen original video for ‘Yellow’


Coldplay’s video for ‘Yellow’ famously saw frontman Chris Martin walking along an empty beach in full rain gear, soaked to the core as the wind blows in his face. However, it has now emerged that the now-iconic music video wasn’t the original plan for the track’s visuals.

The band have now taken to TikTok to share never seen before footage taken from the that sees which Martin is dry, barefoot, and wearing a red long-sleeved shirt and the visuals are accompanied by interesting facts about the shoot.

“Take 1 of the Yellow video (we’ve never shown this before),” the first message reads. “There were loads of extras in this version.

“But it rained all day so we sent them home at 4pm,” it continues. “Chris grabbed the cameraman and said ‘let’s just walk down the beach’”

Adding: “Worked out well in the end!”

The footage being aired is part of the band’s celebrations of Parachutes turning 20 years old, they wrote this on Instagram: “Happy 20th birthday to Parachutes, the album which set us off on this amazing adventure,” they wrote on Instagram. “Thanks to all of you who have joined along the way. We’ve fully restored the Yellow video to 4K quality (full video on our YouTube now). Feels like yesterday, in another lifetime.”

Check out the TikTok and 4K video for ‘Yellow’, below.


Take 1 of the Yellow video (never seen before) #Coldplay #Parachutes

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