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(Credit: Cola Boyy)


Cola Boyy collaborates with The Avalanches


California’s self-described “disco deviant” Cola Boyy has released his latest single ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood’, a collaboration made with Australian sample savants The Avalanches. The song is the most recent taste of his upcoming debut album Prosthetic Boombox, set for release sometime later this year.

This is the second high-profile collaboration from Cola Boyy, real name Matthew Urango, to come out this year after the trippy MGMT collaboration ‘Kid Born in Space’. Unlike the psychedelic spin of that tune, ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood’ focuses on funky rhythms and catchy melodies, with a chorus line destined to be stuck in your head for much longer than you could ever want.

“We had two full-on weeks in an LA studio,” The Avalanches told NME last year, “We did a photoshoot, and it was our last day to record ‘We Go On’. And y’know, we were almost like, ‘Do we want to just get to the airport?’ We were tired, and then we met Cola Boyy and as soon as we met him we were awake again, we were refreshed! He’s just such an amazing dude, so smart and he’s very political too. He’s very passionate about his local community, about life, he’s an activist. He’s very outspoken.”

That passion is what drowns out some of the goofier and more grating aspects of the Cola Boyy experience. With a singular voice and musical style that can sometimes wear out its welcome, Urango is at his best when he strips away the unnecessary twinkling sound effects and child-like bray, instead of honing in on the catchiness of his tunes and the message laid there within. ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood’ is all of his best tendencies packed into one song.

Check out the video for ‘Don’t Forget Your Neighborhood’ down below, which includes a Zoom chat between Cola Boyy, The Avalanches, and musicians John Caroll Kirby and Sofie Royer, plus some bizarre animation.