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(Credit: Cleopatrick)


Cleopatrick release the video for new single 'Victoria Park'


Canadian garage punk duo Cleopatrick have already released their hard-hitting, vitriol spitting, no genre-fitting debut LP BUMMER, which was released earlier this month. Now, the band have shared a new video for the album opener ‘Victoria Park’.

“From the moment we wrote ‘Victoria Park’ we knew it would be the opening track on BUMMER,” the band explain. “It’s the sonic mission statement for our debut album. It’s our thesis. Our first impression. The proverbial ice breaker. It’s named after a real Victoria Park here in Cobourg Ontario Canada. A place where Ian and I have both spent countless summer days and nights throughout our lives. It’s a green space that was named after Queen Victoria in an effort to impress the Crown, during a time where this town was so young and prosperous that they truly believed they could be chosen as the capital of Canada.”

Through the opening squeal of feedback and the looping live double bass kick drums, ‘Victoria Park’ is a nonstop train of nervous energy and palpable volcanic aggression. Those traits are replicated in the song’s video, which finds band friend James Edward Campbell run from a convenience store he presumable just robbed to find refuge in the titular park. As his accomplices chase him, the song peaks at its sonic climax, and Campbell collapses in a heap of exhaustion and exuberance.

“This song, and the album it comes from, is our offering,” the band continue. “It’s our effort to impress. Making BUMMER, we actively spoke about it as if it would be the only chance we ever had to make an album. With this in the back of our minds, every note we played and every line I penned carried a tremendous weight. BUMMER is meant to capture what could be our ‘famous last words.’ It’s meant for us as much as it’s meant for our audience. It’s our time capsule. It’s our Voyager-1. It’s our Victoria Park.”

Check out the video for ‘Victoria Park’ down below. Bummer is available now.