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(Credit: Michael Vallera / Press)


Circuit Des Yeux unveils brand new single 'Sculpting the Exodus'

Circuit Des Yeux - 'Sculpting the Exodus'

Haley Fohr, better known under the alias Circuit Des Yeux, has released her latest single from her upcoming LP -io, ‘Sculpting the Exodus’.

Just like all of her songs, ‘Sculpting the Exodus’ is a journey without a definitive narrative and without specific guidance. Whether you want to explore your inner demons or open up yourself to the great divide, you’ll have to fully embrace the overwhelming grandeur of the music in order to get there. It doesn’t always hit (and ‘Sculpting the Exodus’ isn’t one of my favourite tracks from the artist), but when it does, it has the uncanny ability to transport you anywhere you want to go. That’s what good art should do, and Fohr is an artist through and through.

In her signature oblique fashion, here’s what Fohr has to say about the song:

“What is sculpting the exodus
It is devotion. It is the well.
It is my grandmother going into hospice, writhing in pain.
It is reality exploding on an island made of sand. It is depression and the isolation of deep grief.
I was trapped in a choir of myself with nothing to grab onto but echoes of past selves.
It obliterated my heart until the only working parts of me were the appendages furthest from my mind.
A few notes here
A couple notes there…
The fingers were working when nothing else could. And I was fantasizing of leaving like I always do…”

Heavy. I’m sorry, I naturally react to things like this in a flip and glib fashion. Maybe it’s a defence mechanism. I don’t know, but what I do know is that Fohr creates intensely dark and foreboding soundscapes out of operatic and baroque instrumentation.

Harpsichords and somewhat unsettling contralto vocals make her work difficult to appreciate upon casual listening, but there’s something so enticing to the melodrama that she crafts and I often find myself coming back to it for reasons I don’t immediately understand.

Check out the video for ‘Sculpting the Exodus’ down below. -io is set for an October 22 release.