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(Credit: Michael Vallera / Press)


Circuit Des Yeux announce new album alongside latest single 'Dogma'

Circuit Des Yeux - 'Dogma'

Haley Fohr, better known under the alias Circuit Des Yeux, has announced details for her sixth studio album, -io.

Having recently signed to legendary New York independent label Matador Records, Fohr is priming her new release to explore twisted memories, death, darkness, and a surprising amount of optimism as well. Influences range from classical works to jazz, synthesised in a way only Fohr could create.

With the album announcement also came the first taste of the new LP in the form of the single ‘Dogma’. A driving and dancey alt-pop track, Fohr doubles down on the “out of space/out of time” feeling by creating a hazy whirlwind of drums, synths, heavily reverberated guitar lines, and contralto vocals.

“Where there is faith there is violence,” Fohr explains about the new single. “The story of civilisation is complicated and layered with dogmas. At each individual’s incentive lies both a beacon and an instinct. The fool follows the outer while the idiot chases her interior. Society is a necessary subversion of the self. It is through time that our quiet alarms grow with great intensity until emancipation through implosion or explosion become imminent.”

“I went to the Robert Rauschenberg residency [in Florida] with this idea of trying to explore the hard work of joy,” Fohhr continues. “At that point, I had just been wallowing in this grief for so long. I thought, ‘I want to write about joy. I know it’s going to be hard work.’ But when I was on this beach and in this really privileged, gorgeous place, I felt even more despondent. I thought it would be this balm, but instead it was just the saddest beach in my life.”

Check out the audio for ‘Dogma’ down below. -io is set for an October 22 release date.