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(Credit: Circa Waves)


Circa Waves and Alfie Templeman link up on the sunny 'Lemonade'


Circa Waves and Alfie Templeman have teamed up on the sunny ‘Lemonade’ which is here to help save your summer.

The release sees the seasoned indie band team up with the 17-year-old rising star for an utterly joyous release that is the perfect three and a half minute tonic for these strange times.

“Imagine, if you will, the world falling apart around you,” says Circa Waves’ singer Kieran Shudall. “There is anxiety, fear and you’ve not been able to hug your mum in months. But wait! What’s that? A beautiful song starts playing. Elegant vocals chime in from Alfie Templeman.”

“The guitar fills you with joy, the melody eases your pain and all of a sudden you’re drinking rum and lemonade. Your mind feels clear and everything’s ok for 3 minutes and 20 seconds. What is this? magic??! No…it’s ‘Lemonade’,” Shudall added.

“’Lemonade’ to me is such a heartfelt track, about everyone coming together and loving each other in times where everything seems so difficult,” an excited Templeman added. “I definitely related to this in lockdown which is why I was so excited to hop on the track”.

Take a listen, below.