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(Credit: Chvrches / Press)


Chvrches release ‘Screen Violence’ guitar pedal

Scottish rockers Chvrches have just entered a new realm of innovation. They’ve collaborated with Old Blood Noise Endeavours to design and launch a new guitar effects pedal named ‘Screen Violence’, which is directly inspired by the band’s album of the same name that dropped last year. 

The ‘Screen Violence‘ pedal is now live, and by the sounds of it, Chvrches wanted to give their fans the chance to replicate the crunching tone that can be found scattered across their 2021 album. 

Per a press release, the pedal has “tube-inspired overdrive and a one-knob effect that expresses itself as modulation, delay, reverb, or a combination of all.” Interestingly, the first 200 units will come with a signed card of authenticity. 

Martin Doherty of the band said: “We are really proud to be collaborating with Old Blood Noise because both Iain and I used so many of their pedals during the making of Screen Violence, the album. It feels like a full circle moment.”

Iain Cook also added, “Our aim with the collaboration was to distil the sound of the record into a pedal that would be versatile enough to use with guitars, synths, bass or whatever we wanted to throw at it. A lofty goal but I am proud to say that we achieved it together. The range of sounds that this box can make is breathtaking, making it such a useful tool live and in the studio.”

Reviewing Screen Violence back in August, Far Out‘s Tyler Golsen said: “Screen Violence is a welcome return to form for Chvrches. Whereas Love Is Dead leaned too far into the frenetic synth-pop style, Screen Violence rights the balance by using the band’s expertise in drum programming and synth sounds to create soundscapes that are once again alternatingly moody and highly danceable.”

Concluding: “Mayberry is at top form both lyrically and vocally, with Doherty and Cook backing her up with some of their most inspired arrangements to date. Screen Violence isn’t a significant sonic step forward for Chvrches, but rather a righting of the ship to put them back on course as the world’s best synth-pop band once again.”

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