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Chris Hemsworth’s favourite songwriter of all time


With the abs of Jesus, more tailored suits than the Harrods warehouse, luscious wavy locks that a mouse could surf on, and a loving legion of supporters, there surely must be a flaw to Chris Hemsworth? Fortunately, for fans of the star, if there is one, then it certainly doesn’t come from his music taste. 

The chiselled Thor actor opts for singer-songwriters as his favoured musical style and when he was asked to pick his favourite by Joe he declared that as far as he is concerned, the Belfast-born artist Van Morrison is a cut above the rest. He is far from alone in this regard. 

What’s more, Van Morrison has been his favourite since he was old enough to remember. As Hemsworth glowingly recalled, “I remember growing up listening to Van Morrison with my dad. He had the record player out and endless amounts of albums playing always, and I still love him. He kind of fits any mood.”

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When the Australian Marvel star was asked to pick his favourite track by Morrison, he went with the 1970 Moondance classic ‘Into the Mystic’. The iconic single solidified Morrison as a solo artist of note and soundtracked a million ‘70s road trips with a sanguine sense of unspooling tranquillity. However, his favourite album is a little bit more obscure. “My favourite album would be Poetic Champions [Compose],” Hemsworth declared.  

Poetic Champions Compose is Morrison’s 17th studio album, released back in the Indian Summer of 1987. It is an album that strongly adheres to Hemsworth’s view that Morrison’s music is fit for any mood. With orchestral arrangements, Morrison weaved his usual poetic songwriting around ambient scores, subsuming his early bravura into the mix to create a meditative exploration.

Morrison has always sustained a very healthy following Down Under, beyond his brilliance, this is due to both the prevalence of Irish immigration to Australia and the rather more spiritual reality that his unfurling, lilting boons suit the seaside celebration of life. There is inherent joie de vivre to Morrison’s work and that similar lust for life is also apparent in Hemsworth’s upbeat performances

As Morrison once philosophically said himself, “These are the days of endless summer, these are the days, the time is now. There is no past, there’s only future, there’s only here, there’s only now.” Sadly, in recent times, Morrison has been a little more preoccupied with voicing controversial opinions about lockdowns and Covid-19, and the less said about that the better. 

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