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(Credit: Andrea Raffin / Alamy)


From Bon Iver to Jay-Z: Chloe Grace Moretz's 10 favourite songs

The young and talented American actress Chloe Grace Moretz is the role model for many teenage girls. Rising as a child actress, she worked her way through the industry effortlessly, expanding the list of her achievements. Hailing from Georgia, her life took a turn when she travelled to New York with her brother in 2002, owing to his acceptance in the Professional Performing Arts School. Moretz’s impressionable mind soon caught the nuances of acting, driving her to read lines and practice with her brother on a daily basis.

Her breakthrough was the 2005 film The Amityville Horror, a remake by Andrew Douglas, which established her as a skilled actor at the tender age of eight. She didn’t have to look back after that. Be it her cameo roles in films and TV such as Big Momma’s House 2, Desperate Housewives, The Poker House, the lead roles in Mathew Vaugh’s action film Kick-Ass or Matt Reeves romantic-horror Let Me In, she made her presence felt. By 2010, the thirteen-year-old Moretz was “the busiest actress in Hollywood”.

A true fashionista, Moretz is the go-to cover girl for major magazines such as Flaunt, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Interview and so on. A regular face on the Seventeen cover, Moretz made a playlist out of her favourite songs a little while back, during the magazine’s interview. At a time when many people remain home amid strick social distancing measures, we decided to revisit her playlist to tide us over while live music remains off the menu. Her choice of songs not only reflect her “kick-ass” taste in music, but also the maturity of a teenage girl. Though dominated by contemporary music, the list ranges from folk, pop to EDM and rap.

The playlist consists of ten songs by artists such as Lana Del Ray, Friendly Fires, Bon Iver, Jay-z, Drake, Wolf Gang, Mac Miller, Florence and The Machine, Skrillex and The Vaccines. The heterogeneous nature of the list might feel a bit random at first look but will qualify as a good playlist after a listen.

The Bon Iver 2007 indie folk ‘Skinny Love’, written by Justin Vernon, is one of the first few songs on the list. Released in their debut album For Emma, Forever Ago, the song became an instant international hit and a favourite in popular culture. Talking about the thought behind the song, Vernon expressed, “It’s about that time in a relationship that I was going through; you’re in a relationship because you need help, but that’s not necessarily why you should be in a relationship. And that’s skinny.”

The list takes a leap with the Friendly Fires song ‘Paris’. Diverging from the mellow tunes of folk, this song is an amalgamation of different styles such as synth-pop, alternative dance and disco house. Released in 2008 in the band’s self-titled album, it featured the Au Revoir Simone trio in the backing vocals producing one of the most explosive choruses. The playlist shifts to the gospel-charged, goth-pop ‘Shake It Out’ by Florence and the Machines before breaking out into the rhythm of Jay-Z’s hip hop ‘Young Forever’.

Musically, these two songs are diametrically opposite, but they complement each other as well as the other tracks on the playlist. ‘Shake It Out’, a song about leaving behind one’s regrets and fears, is a cathartic experience for the listeners. The addition of church organs, tambourines and bells add to the gothic elements, producing a repressed haunting sound.

The inclusion of Skrillex’s ‘Bangarang’ adds another dimension to the playlist. It is a complex, electronic rock track that features the rap vocals of Sirah. The lyrics and the title refer to the battle cry of the Lost Boys, characters from J.M Barrie’s 1904 Peter Pan play, as portrayed in the 1991 movie Hook. An international hit, the song won the Best Dance Recording award in the Grammys.

See the full tracklist and stream the playlist, below.

Chloe Grace Moretz’s favourite songs:

  1. Lana Del Ray – ‘Video Games’
  2. Bon Iver – ‘Skinny Love’
  3. Friendly Fires – ‘Paris’
  4. Florence and The Machine – ‘Shake It Out’
  5. Drake – ‘Take Care’
  6. Jay-Z – ‘Young Forever’
  7. The Vaccines – ‘Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)’
  8. Wolf Gang – ‘Lions In Cages’
  9. Mac Miller – ‘On and On’
  10. Skrillex – ‘Bangarang’

Stream the playlist, here.