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Childish Gambino releases new song 'Algorythm' via new AR app

New augmented reality app PHAROS AR launched today and with it came a brand new song from Childish Gambino titled ‘Algorythm’. The track comes as part of the app’s launch.

The app is described as “the world’s first cross-platform, multiplayer AR music experience” and sees multiple players in one location to explore an AR world, where they can work to unlock the new Gambino track. Developed by MediaMonks the app could be a peek into the future of music streaming.

Tech producer Sarah Stumbo told Billboard: “We think that an experience like this will really help catapult the industry forward. This is the world’s first cross-platform multiplayer AR experience. Maybe it’s not the world’s first AR music experience, but I don’t know if there’s ever been anything this big.”

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PHAROS AR drops following virtual reality event of the same name which spanned across three days that Donald Glover held in conjunction with Unity and Microsoft in Joshua Tree in 2016. “A lot of Donald’s fans can’t to travel to see him in concert, They can’t get to a PHAROS event all the way in New Zealand. That’s a really expensive plane ticket. This is a much more accessible way to get the PHAROS universe into the hands of fans.”

The Android version of the app is available to download, while an iOS version is on the way and will be free for users.