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(Credit: Chet Faker / Press)


Chet Faker returns with new single 'Feel Good'

Chet Faker - 'Feel Good'

Nicholas James Murphy, known previously and currently as Chet Faker, has released a new video for ‘Feel Good’, the first preview of his upcoming fourth studio album Hotel Surrender.

Sleek, bubbly, and resplendent with electronic harps and strings, ‘Feel Good’ has the same infectious disco-soul energy that the best of Faker’s work has. Occasionally slight and too overly breezy for its own good, ‘Feel Good’ is nevertheless a low-stakes, easily enjoyable single from an artist who’s much more focused on fun than taking himself too seriously.

The video, which finds Faker in a long flowing white dress roller skating down an abandoned street in the middle of the road, is all about simple charm, much like the singer himself. Every time he flashes an easy smile between lip-syncing the song’s exaltations, you start to feel as good as Faker implores you to feel throughout the track.

Keeping up with Faker’s work could be a job in and of itself. After one album with the Chet Faker moniker, two albums were released under his birth name: the charmingly bubbly Run Fast Sleep Naked and the experimental instrumental album Music for Silence, released through the app Calm.

Faker also has a fondness for cassettes, something the video for ‘Feel Good’ will certainly tip you off towards. 2020 saw the release of three different mixtapes, although disappointingly none were sold in the format that inspired their creation. Oh well, maybe one day we’ll get a cassette reissue.

Otherwise, the Australian is working hard to bust out of Down Under and into the hearts of more global indie heads. ‘Feel Good’ is a strong start, and hopefully Hotel Surrender can build off of its casual spirit and forward momentum.

Check out the video for ‘Feel Good’ down below. Hotel Surrender is set for a July 16 release.