Chas Hodges' family clarify his real cause of his death


The family of Chas Hodges, the singer of the Chas and Dave duo, have revealed that the musician’s real cause of his death was pneumonia.

The cult rock pop group, who coined their own genre known as musical style ‘rockney’, rose to fame in the 1970s for their rock and cockney style and had a string of hit songs such as Rabbit, Snooker Loopy and more.

Upon confirmation of his death, a statement from the band explained that Hodges had received successful treatment for oesophageal cancer but suffered organ failure which resulted in his death.

Now, his family wanted to confirm that the cancer was not the cause of his death. The statement read: “Chas’s wife Joan, his children and Dave have been overwhelmed by the many thousands of messages of love and support and would like to thank everyone for those.

“For the record, we would like to clarify that Chas did not die of cancer. The doctor’s final diagnostic was pneumonia and the cancer was under control at the time of death.

“We feel this is important to state as Chas wanted to bring comfort and hope to people suffering with cancer through his own experience with the disease, and it would mean a lot to him that the hope remains.”