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Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs share new single 'I Watch You'


Sounding like ‘next years cool’; Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs, apart from sporting one of the best band names of the year have pulled out an exciting first release that delivers all it promises.

The new single, ‘I Watch You’, sounds apt enough for this band, heavily influenced by the (depending on your generation) Britpop/60’s revival of the mid 90’s and way ahead of the game in channeling the 70’s discontent as Britain goes looking for girls in this dance floor filler.

“I hope you walk like you talk, I hope you love like you fight”. Rings like a bell of a chorus and I can already see ‘I Watch You’ in the nightclubs of Britain uniting drunkard boys and girls in toilet seat passion. Sounding like New York Dolls with British humour, the tight showmanship simplicity of the guitars is punchy to the point of bruising and although a little polished is such a mover it’s a welcome return to British Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The B-Side, ‘Be Nice’ proves to bring what was so nicely dangled in front of our faces with more moving and shaking with a back drop of distortion funk and pop sensibilities. Born out of a Summer of discontent and sticking to it’s fuzzy roots Be Nice and the A-side I Watch You are painting a disillusioned youth on the come down from the intensity of escapism that are now focused on brightening up the reality a little.

In truth, regardless of the influence or meaning this release is guaranteed bodies on the floor either through intoxicated ‘twisting’ or merely people caught and slung into the furore by this hooky number. Charlie Boyer and The Voyeurs, by this reckoning at least, are ones to watch.J