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Cate Le Bon drops new single 'Remembering Me'

Cate Le Bon - 'Remembering Me'

Welsh indie pop singer-songwriter Cate Le Bon has dropped her latest single, the infectiously nimble dance track ‘Remembering Me’.

Le Bon has worked a lot in the gentle folk and indie rock sides of music, bringing in electronic instruments usually only to augment her songs. Rarely have synthesizers and drum machines taken centre stage as they do on ‘Remembering Me’, but Le Bon seems completely at ease in the new setting.

The central vocal melody has just a little bit of Blondie’s ‘Rapture’ in it: there’s that same high piercing siren-like call from Le Bon. Thankfully, she doesn’t attempt any rapping, instead, she allows the extravagant arrangement to drop away briefly for a bit of funky dancefloor-ready beats to take over.

It might be cheesy to keep making references to other songs, but the brief guitar lines have the same kind of hairy distortion and flanger effect that Robert Fripp threw all over David Bowie‘s ‘Fashion’. Le Bon isn’t ripping off anyone, but these seem like the kinds of influences that creep through into her work, whether they are direct nods or not.

“‘Remembering Me’ is a neurotic diary entry that questions notions of legacy and warped sentimentalism in the desperate need to self-mythologise,” Le Bon explains in a press release. I have no idea what any of that means, and a close analysis of the lyrics doesn’t do anything to clear up the confusion. “In the remake of my life / I moved in straight lines / My hair was beautiful / My eyes were slow,” she sings.

I’m sure you can find some deep meaning in there, but I’m still holding tight to the song’s righteous groove. The last time we heard from Le Bon, it was on the more guitar-heavy ‘Moderation’, and to hear her take on a greater scope of sounds and styles with her latest single is a wonderful thing to witness. It makes her upcoming LP, Pompeii, seem like it’s going to be an awesomely diverse work.

Check out the video for ‘Remembering Me’ down below. Pompeii is set for a February 4th release.