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(Credit: Mario Sorrenti)


Cat Power reveals how Lana Del Rey supported her when she felt "super muted"


Cat Power – real name Chan Marshall – has opened up about the support she received from fellow musician Lana Del Rey after she was dropped by her label, Matador. In a recent interview, Marshall revealed that Del Rey was one of the few people to reach out to her in the aftermath of the drop, inviting her out on the road.

Marshall explained how her album Wanderer was deemed unfit for release by Matador: “When I was told that my last record ‘Wanderer’ was no good, there was a year where I didn’t have a label,” she began. “There’s about 200 people that were affiliated with what I thought was my family who never checked in with me.”

Marshall considered leaving the music business altogether and starting fresh: “[I thought], ‘I guess I can sell my apartment and I’ll just raise my son, I’ll move somewhere and try to get into writing… I’m a really good waitress and cook and stuff, and I can just get a good stable job and start a different career’.”

Speaking about this difficult time in her career, Marshall said that she felt “dumped by my family” and “totally not part of any musical community”. Then, she started getting calls from musicians asking for her to support them on tour. One of those calls came from Lana Del Rey, with whom Marshall collaborated on 2018’s Wanderer.

According to Marshall, Del Rey wasn’t the only one who got in touch following the label drop: “In that year of time when my phone wasn’t ringing, I got two calls. One was from Warren [Ellis] and Nick [Cave] from The Bad Seeds after [2016 album] Skeleton Key; they invited me to open up for them in California,” Marshall said. “And then I got another call and it was from Lana and she asked me to open up for her in Europe.”

She went on to express her gratitude for the support of people like Del Rey: “These people reached out and offered me a job. And it was more than a job. It was like, ‘We’re artists, so it’s actually OK. Lana’s just one of those people who reached out at a time when I felt really super-muted.” Marshall thanked De Rey for her support by covering her track ‘White Mustang’ in her recent covers album, ‘Covers’.