Credit: Carlos Cruz


Stream Car Seat Headrest's new album 'Making A Door Less Open'


Car Seat Headrest have shared the first new album since 2016’s Teens of Denial and sees Will Toldeo and co. in fine form as they transcend genre and offer up something altogether a little different on new album Making A Door Less Open.

You can now stream Making A Door Less Open below and catch up with the latest direction Toledo is taking Care Seat Headrest.

Available on most streaming platforms as of today, Car Seat Headrest have shared Making A Door Less Open, their first entirely new album since 2016.

While the group have shared Commit Yourself Completely and the re-recorded version of Twin Fantasy, this new album sees some new steps being made.

The album was born out of Toledo and bandmate Andrew Katz’s electronic side-project 1 Trait Danger. With Making A Door Less Open being produced at the same time the aesthetics of that project blended into Car Seat Headrest and the band made two versions of the same record.

One will be the traditional indie rock sound while the other will be a more heavily synthesised sound. The below stream is those two lines of thought coming together and creating something magic.

It’s another Toledo-driven performance that is accurately conceived, perfectly delivered and flecked with enough nooks and crannies for their fans to get lost in. Don’t believe us? Check out Making A Door Less Open below.