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Credit: Carlos Cruz


Car Seat Headrest announce new album with lead single 'Can't Cool Me Down'

Car Seat Headrest have announced a brand new album called Making a Door Less Open and, while that arrives on May 1st, the LP’s lead single ‘Can’t Cool Me Down’ can be heard below.

The new album will drop in a few months via Matador and sees a collaboration of sorts between Will Toledo and 1 Trait Danger—the side project of drummer Andrew Katz and Toledo under the pseudonym “Trait.”

While Toledo has shared a full statement about the new record, which can be found here, the main takeaways are that this album won’t be like 2017’s Twin Fantasy. That album was a re-recording of a previous effort from Toledo, this record is completely brand new and recorded in an interesting way.

Firstly, the band recorded the album using traditional rock and roll sounds, (guitars, drums and bass). Once that was laid down the band then recorded the same record but using only synthesised sounds. Those two halves were then combined for Making a Door Less Open.

For your first taste of what exactly that sounds like you needn’t look any further than the lyric video for lead single ‘Can’t Cool Me Down’ which you can find below.