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Cannes Film Festival bans all Russian journalists from attending 2022 event


The world-famous Cannes Film Festival has taken the decision to ban all Russian journalists from attending this year’s festival due to the ongoing war between the country and Ukraine. 

In an exclusive report from The Wrap, it was revealed that a group of Russian media members who had previously attended the festival, spoke to Agnes Leroy, the Cannes press chief, earlier this week. Having waited “for things to get better” between the two countries before making a decision, Leroy told the reporters that they would not be allowed to attend the 2022 version of the festival. 

Speaking directly to the publication, Leroy stated, “We approved only the medias that are in line with the Festival’s position concerning the situation in Ukraine”. 

The festival had released a statement regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine back on March 1st, with the statement reading, “Unless the war of assault ends in conditions that will satisfy the Ukrainian people, it has been decided that we will not welcome official Russian delegations nor accept the presence of anyone linked to the Russian government”. 

Concluding, the Cannes Film Festival makes their stance very clear, adding, “Loyal to its history that started in 1939 in resistance to the fascist and Nazi dictatorship, the Festival de Cannes will always serve artists and industry professionals that raise their voices to denounce violence, repression, and injustices, for the main purpose to defend peace and liberty”. 

This year’s festival is hyped up to be one of the most impressive versions of Cannes for a very long time, with filmmakers such as David Cronenberg, George Miller, Hirokazu Koreeda, Park Chan-wook, Kelly Reichardt, Claire Denis and Ruben Ostlünd.