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Polaroids of the young free-spirited women of Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay, a beachside town located in the far northeastern corner of New South Wales, Australia, is a haven of diverse, varied, creative and alternative cultures. 

Sometimes known as the ‘rainbow region’, the area in and around Byron is considered to be the spiritual home for some of Australia and has deep-seated ties to a hippy movement of years gone by. 

As times have changed, so have the surroundings. However, the free-spirited and laidback culture remains… as does the outstanding natural beauty etched into the horizon. For one local photographer, 18-year-old Maggie Lochtenberg, the desire to capture the area was one she felt compelled to undertake. 

“I got into photography because I wanted to document my life for my future kids,” she told Featureshoot with sincerity. “I began with digital but soon fell madly in love with film photography, specifically Polaroids,” she added. 

“Most of my artwork now is about women and about myself, and not all of it is fun or pretty. I make artwork about distorted views of sexuality and females, views that frustrate and hurt me on a personal and social level.”

Here is a selection of Lochtenberg’s Polaroids: