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Exploring Australia's most popular beaches

Winter has come. It as bleak, dark and cold as ever. As you reach for the laptop and start the searches for far reaches of the world where winter doesn’t seem to exist. We have compiled a great list of some of Australia’s best sandy beaches to make you feel that little warmer.

Picture sitting on the yellow sands, listening to the calming tide. A book sat next to you that you had the best intentions of reading but instead you flick through your phone with an ever-warming beer in your hand. You look up and see the rest of the pasty white Brits that never quite made their ‘new year, new me’ resolutions. You feel safe in the knowledge that you are on holiday and not at the Fyre Festival fuck up that is currently gracing Netflix.

Far Out are hear to help this dream with some inspiring beaches from Australia to get your inspiration flowing for that a trip down under.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Let’s just get this one out the way early, one of the most well-known and obvious beaches in Australia.

Yes, it’s great, and yes you should visit. Now we have got that out the way we can move on to some of the lesser known for travellers.

Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park

Tasmania might not be everyone’s first choice when thinking of beaches. But this beach is photogenic and definitely known for its greenery.

Its pink granite peals and turquoise waters make this clam-shaped shoreline a great beach to visit.

Main Beach, Byron Bay

Another one that is more well-known Byron Bay has some quality beaches that draw in the crowds.

As the most eastern point of mainland Australia, it is known for some great surf and lovely powdery sand.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

Although an obvious one, Whitsunday’s beach is spectacular. You would be hard-pressed to come by a beach like this in the world, it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.

The water and reef are unique and the sand is bordering on perfection.

Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

This beach’s reef is a real treat and has great snorkelling opportunities.

Exmouth has an abundance of fish to search for and waters that make it easy for you to find them. Do watch out though as there is a strong current at times.

Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

Once a sleepy coastal town this beach is now very popular due to its four-kilometre stretch of flat, wide beaches with a huge low tide.

When the tide is out you can sometimes walk in excess of 200m to reach the water.

Noosa Main Beach, Noosa

With gentler waves due to facing north, this is a great beach for families.

Dolphins are frequently spotted here and whales can be seen during their annual migration, making for some unique viewing. Due to its north facing it tends to be hidden away from wind during the cooler months.

Cable Beach, Broome

Cable beach is a whole lot of beach with 22 kilometres of pure white sand and some of the clearest waters known in Australia and has a great backdrop of red hills.

On Gantheaume Point you can witness 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprints an also have the opportunity to witness dolphins and whales.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast

One of the best beaches along the Golden Coast This beach is paradise.

Clean, unpolluted and spotless with amazing surf. So, as you can imagine, it is extremely Popular with surfers and there are also great opportunities to witness wildlife such as sea eagles, brush turkeys and dolphins.

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