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(Credit: Rene Passet)


Bush Tetras recruit Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley

In October last year, just before the release of the group’s retrospective box set, Dee Pop, the founding drummer for Bush Tetras, died aged 65. Now, the group have now announced that they have taken on the former Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley as a replacement for their tour dates this year.

Following Dee Pop’s death, bandmates Cynthia Sley and Pat Place issued a statement explaining that the drummer had passed peacefully in his sleep.

“Dee Pop was a quintessential New Yorker, growing up in Forest Hills Queens and living in New York ever since,” they said of Pop. “He was not only Bush Tetras drummer but also our archivist, owning an original copy of every Bush Tetras release and T-shirt and also maintaining the band’s masters.”

Adding: “In addition to Bush Tetras, Dee Pop played with Richard Lloyd, Michael Karoli (Can), the Gun Club, Jayne County, and the Shams, William Parker, Eddie Gale, Roy Campbell, Freedomland, Hanuman Sextet, Radio I-Ching, and 1000 Yard Stare.”

Sley and Place concluded: “He will be sorely missed by his bandmates and the many people he touched throughout his life. Rest in peace, Dee.”

In a statement this week, Bush Tetras explained their plans for Pop’s replacement ahead of their booked shows this year. “We knew it would be impossible to replace Dee in many ways, but having Steve join us has been both comforting and invigorating,” vocalist Cynthia Sley said. “He just fit in seamlessly, like a missing puzzle piece. We can now see a future for the Bush Tetras.”

Guitarist Pat Place added, “It’s been nothing but fun playing with Steve, and we are really excited about our first official shows with him.”

The band has been rehearsing some of the classics from their discography as well as a number of new tracks. Among the new tracks is the single ‘Snakes Crawl’, which can be streamed below.