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Burnside Eleven - Serotonin Blues


Hopefully you’ve all clapped eyes on our BBC Panorama esq feature/incriminating expose detailing musical malfeasance and down right dirty tricks of tumultuous Texan cowboy and belligerent Berlin ‘Psyche’ Fest (dis)organiser Robbie D Love by now? If you haven’t then check it out, but right after you’ve listened to (or maybe whilst you listen to) a number by an equally as naughty man who’s fraught, powerful and somewhat dangerous energy is, in stark contrast to the above, working for the benefit of us all this time… It’s around about now we shall proudly introduce Burnside Eleven A.K.A Theophile Paris and the record ‘Serotonin Blues’ as the Far Out Track of the Day.

Musical taste, preference and opinion is very much subjective; we can’t all be into the same shit because, well, that would just be boring. Yet at Far Out Magazine it’s the music that not only gives you a thump around the head, so to speak, that gets us going but the stuff that through its emotional sincerity whether sinister, seductive or purely ecstatic acts like a Pulp Fiction syringe and makes straight for the heart. Theophile Paris and his ‘Serotonin Blues’ satisfies all such areas, OK I hear you, maybe not so much the ecstatic though, as a music journalist, that’s certainly the feeling I had upon discovery.

I don’t know if you’ve sussed yet? It is just the solitary troubadour making every last nook and cranny of this sound: The malevolent riffs, the angst ridden vocal, scorn daubed lyric and foot drum are all courtesy of the 21-year-old French Rock&Roller, signed to Parisian label Black Totem Records, whom by all accounts exudes talent way beyond his paucity in age suggests.

Theophile Paris and/or Burnside Eleven (whichever you may care to choose as the name really isn’t important) has just released another, slightly newer stormer so once you’ve gorged enough on this track, feast your ears on ‘Fuzz Mustache’.