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Bruising wanna put 'Honey' on your toast

What do you want for your toast? Bruising want to give you ‘Honey’ and we are more than happy to facilitate that. The latest song to come from their forthcoming single ‘Beech Coma’ the band channel their po-mo vocal in to a rearing guitar which snarls behind the bubblegum pop.

As the band begin to grow, both physically with the addition of members and musically, it is still nice to see that they are happy to re-hash some of the early work between founding members Naomi and Ben.

Produced by MJ from fellow Leeds band Hookworms, Bruising are really starting to show their mettle with every new release.

‘Honey’ battles between light and dark, with the sugary sweet vocal and fuzz filled riffs constantly vying for attention. What’s lucky is, by this showing, there’s going to be plenty more attention in the future.