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Bruising - Honey


As the new music tends to dry-up over the Christmas period we were so happy to find this little gem of a song from Bruising. Full of all the sunshine we haven’t seen for months, ‘Honey’ is so crammed full of surf riffs and 90’s licks it’s hard not to make this our Track of the Day. So we did.

Doing research on a band like Bruising brings to mind needles, stones and extracting blood for serious tests. Basically, it’s nigh-on impossible. What we do know is that they are a duo (Naomi and Ben), they have some gigs coming up with Menace Beach DJs in Leeds’ Oporto and Girl Band and Demob Happy, as part of DIY’s Hello 2015, at The Old Blue Last and they, erm, seem nice.

We also know they can write a damn catchy tune. Lo-fi and distinctly honest, the rhythm is drip-fed and consistent as an IV drip filled with pop hooks and vocals as sweet as, yep, you guessed it ‘Honey’.

Dream a dream of summer with us and Bruising.


Jack Whatley