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Credit: Born to Run


The shuddering isolated vocals of Bruce Springsteen on 'Born To Run'

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’ is arguably the definitive Americana anthem and although purists of The Boss may dismiss the track, it’s greatness is unquestionable. We’re taking another look at the classic with his isolated vocals on the legendary number naturally being absolutely spinetingling.

The seminal single release for Bruce Springsteen and more than likely the song that launched Springsteen’s career. The Boss’ first worldwide single release received extensive airplay across American radio stations and the song, like so many other great pieces of art, arose from a dream.

Springsteen allegedly woke up while on tour in 1973 with the title ‘Born to Run’ and jotted it down, allowing the formation of the song to begin. The track is written as a love letter to Wendy for whom our Bruce has the hots for but time is running out for them to live out their dreams and the need to get away is ever more present.

“When I wrote it, I was 24 years old, sitting in my bedroom in Long Branch, New Jersey. When I think back, it surprises me how much I knew about what I wanted, because the questions I ask myself in this song, it seems I’ve been trying to find the answers to them ever since,” Springsteen noted about the track in 1988. “When I wrote this song, I was writing about a guy and a girl that wanted to run and keep on running, never come back.”

He added: “That was a nice, romantic idea, but I realized after I put all those people in all those cars, I was going to have to figure out someplace for them to go, and I realised in the end that individual freedom, when it’s not connected to some sort of community, can be pretty meaningless. So, I guess that guy and that girl out there were looking for connection, and I guess that’s what I’m doing here.”

Springsteen quite neatly summarised the song: “So, this is a song about two people trying to find their way home. It’s kept me good company on my search, and I hope it keeps you good company on yours,” he added.

‘Born To Run’ is fuelled by the passion that’s dripping out of every note that leaves Springsteen mouth and hearing it isolated adds another element to it.

There’s a tangible beauty that comes from hearing this 24-year-old from New Jersey pine for this adventure with Wendy which would go on to be the start of a new life for him.

Check out Springsteen’s jawdropping vocals, below.