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Brown Brogues - Split Disc


Manchester is possibly the only place in the world where the phrase ‘bare minimum’ transforms from a tautology to an oxymoron. It is also the place that acts as the home of the latest chaps to be adorned with the illustrious Far Out Magazine ‘Track of the Day.’

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‘Split Disc’ is a tough track that marches angrily along in the style of quintessentially English rock outfits such as Kasabian, amongst others. The ‘less is more’ direction that Brown Brogues have tread down does indeed work wonders, the track essentially consisting of drum, vocal and riff. The damningly hummable riff is repeated throughout, by a stabbing bass and the attitude laden distorted guitar, which chugs heavily over the top like a big lorry, brashly spewing grit in all directions.

The result of this is to leave you with a sound that almost personifies England’s Northern Metropolises; there isn’t much going on but it could well totally kick off at any point.

Also present is Brown Brogues’ characteristic effect imbued vocals, which linger around over the bass like a sinister draft at your Nan’s house (drafts in old people’s houses are particularly lethal). The effects on the lyrics make them a little tricky to decipher, but taken in the context of the song as a whole, they sound great, embellishing the track like a fancy new wristwatch, so it doesn’t really matter.

So have a listen to our track of the day, then turn it off and I task you to not be humming it until the arrival of the next track of the day (the track of tomorrow?). Good luck!

Ryan McMurtry