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Brockhampton kick Ameer Vann out over sexual abuse allegations


Ameer Vann has been kicked out of Brockhampton following allegations of sexual abuse made against him.

Far Out Magazine previously reported how a string of disturbing allegations have been made against the 22-year-old rapper by his ex-partners, including a series of emotional and sexual abuse as well as the claims that he had sexual relations with a minor.

“Ameer Vann – not only is he a predator and cheater.. he also degrades women, makes forceful advances and does not ease up when asked, is emotionally abusive, uses girl, v manipulative, has sex with underage/legal fans,” wrote one of the accusers on social media.

Now, as a result of the serious claims, Vann has been removed from the band. A statement read: “Ameer is no longer in Brockhampton.

“We want to sincerely apologise to the victims affected by Ameer’s actions. We were lied to, and we’re sorry for not speaking up sooner.

“We do not tolerate abuse of any kind. This is not a solution to their suffering, but we hope this is a step in the right direction.”

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