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Brockhampton member Ameer Vann denies disturbing sexual abuse allegations


Brockhampton member Ameer Vann has denied a string of sexual abuse allegations made against him.

A string of disturbing allegations have been made against the 22-year-old rapper by his ex-partners and includes a series of emotional and sexual abuse as well as the claims that he had sexual relations with a minor.

“Ameer Vann – not only is he a predator and cheater.. he also degrades women, makes forceful advances and does not ease up when asked, is emotionally abusive, uses girl, v manipulative, has sex with underage/legal fans,” wrote one of the accusers on social media.

“I’m in complete shock that this is finally coming to light, but I dated him and can confirm that Ameer Vann of Brockhampton is emotional manipulative and mentally abusive. AND can confirm he was having sex with a minor before he dated me in 2015,” another added.

“I’ve been SO afraid to say anything because of the huge fanbase, and since I’m a musician I don’t want it to seem like I’m trying to ride coattails. But ex members of BH have since reached out and said they’re sorry for witnessing it & not say anything.”

Vann has now responded to the allegations by denying any criminal behaviour but apologising to “the people I’ve hurt” in a series of tweets, they read: “I am sorry to the people I’ve hurt and the fans I’ve disappointed.

“I’ve been in relationships where I’ve fucked up and disrespected my partners. I’ve cheated and been dismissive to my exes. Throughout the past 3 years I’ve been working hard to reflect on myself and seek out help. It continues to be a learning process every day.

“In response to the claims of emotional and sexual abuse: although my behaviour has been selfish, childish, and unkind, I have never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries. I have never had relations with a minor or violated anybody’s consent.

“I’m sorry for cheating. I’m sorry for lying and letting my friends down. I’m sorry for placing my group mates in a difficult situation by not speaking to them about my past experiences earlier. I always hoped to set a good example to my fans. Apologies aren’t enough. I really hope I can be an example of somebody who learned to grow from his mistakes and become a better person.”