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(Credit: Raph PH)


Brian May claims his words on Brit Awards and trans community were “twisted”

Queen guitarist Brian May has sought to correct comments that were published last week regarding his thoughts over the BRIT Awards categories going genderless and further comments about the trans community. May claims that his words were “subtly twisted”.

Speaking to The Mirror on November 23rd, May said: “It’s a decision that has been made without enough thought. A lot of things work quite well and can be left alone.”

In a statement released on his Instagram on November 28th, May has now claimed that he’s been the victim of “predatory” journalists, who span the interview in a way that made him come across as “unfriendly” to the trans community.

He alleged it was a complete stitch-up and the claim that he’s unfriendly to the trans community is the opposite of the truth. May admits: “I should have known better than to talk to those predatory press hacks”.

Typically affable, May sent his sincerest apologies to any his comments may have hurt and said: “My heart is open as always to humans of all colours, all creeds, all sexes and sexualities, all shapes and sizes – and all creatures. We all deserve respect and an equal place in this world”.

In the interview that was published in The Mirror, May said that the BRIT Awards’ decision to make their categories genderless was part of a “frightening” trend, and alledged that society seemed to be heading in a dark direction. 

Hypothesising what it would have been like for Queen to have been a contemporary act, May claimed: “We would be forced to have people of different colours and different sexes and we would have to have a trans (person). You know life doesn’t have to be like that. We can be separate and different.”

Listen to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ below.