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Brexit touring regulations to be eased for UK musicians

Finally, there’s some good news for UK-based musicians who tour in the European Union. Restrictions based on UK musicians with touring plans in the post-Brexit world are set to be eased, and for many, it is a welcomed step in the right direction.

This month, transport secretary Grant Shapps announced a new dual registration system that will make it more straightforward for hauliers to move equipment from the UK to the EU. Prior to this move, UK-EU regulations allowed hauliers just three stops in the EU per tour, which seriously impeded artists’ prospects in the EU. However, due to the new action, hauliers will be able to move freely with unlimited stops for up to six months per annum. 

Per a report in the Evening StandardShapps explained: “British talent has long been at the heart of global performing arts and our specialist haulage sector is critical to the success of their tours”.

Adding: “It is unacceptable that, because of EU bureaucracy, the operations of our specialist haulage sector on which our artists rely have been put at risk, impacting the livelihoods of touring artists and sportspeople”.

Of the new measures, the transport secretary concluded: “Dual registration helps put this right and means that touring events can take place seamlessly across Great Britain, the EU and beyond, keeping our incredible cultural sector thriving for years to come.”

Industry group UK Music welcomed the change, telling BBC News that it was “important progress for UK musicians and crew looking to tour the EU”.

However, there is still much to rectify, as Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, Chief Executive of UK Music clarified. He said that there are still many issues surrounding the transport of goods and passengers: “This will help UK-based tours keep going. But the problem is the smaller operations that couldn’t afford to set up a European arm are still going to be facing the same issues”.

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